Kerstin Beer is a postdoctoral research fellow at Macquarie University, Sydney and works in the area of quantum machine learning, quantum error correction and quantum control. She did her PhD at Leibniz Universität Hannover in Germany on the topic of quantum machine learning, where she proposed a quantum neural network architecture suiting algorithms for supervised and semi-supervised training. In April 2024 she presented this work at the “Near-Term Quantum Computers: Fault Tolerance + Benchmarking + Quantum Advantage + Quantum Algorithms” workshop at the Simons Insitute in Berkeley:

Recent travels

22. – 26.04.2024Invited speaker at Near-Term Quantum Computers workshop, Berkeley, US
18. – 20.03.2024Quantum Kernel Workshop, Noosa, Australia
12. – 14.02.2024Science communication and media workshop, Brisbane, Australia
21. – 24.11.2023EQUS Annual Workshop, Perth, Australia
03. – 21.07.2023visiting Tobias Osborne, Leibniz University, Hannover, Germany
13. – 30.06.2023visiting Daniel Burgarth, FAU, Erlangen, Germany
16. – 29.04.2023visiting Sally Shrapnel, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
14. – 17.02.2023Coogee Conference, Sydney, Australia
21. – 23.02.2023Quantum Australia, Sydney, Australia
07. – 10.12.2022QuNoMa, Newcastle, Australia
05. – 07.12.2022EQUS Annual Workshop, Newcastle, Australia
30.06 – 13.07.2019Quantum Information Conference, Benasque, Spain
19. – 20.03.2019Meeting, DQ-mat, Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany
19. – 29.05.2018visiting Samson Abramsky, University of Oxford, UK
18. – 23.04.2018visiting David Groß, THP Cologne, Germany
13. – 19.01.2018QIP Delft, Netherlands