Hi, my name is Kerstin! Welcome to my website!

I am a postdoctoral research fellow at Macquarie University, Sydney and work in the field of quantum computing. I am interested in quantum error correction and quantum control.

In the last years I did research on quantum machine learning and wrote my PhD thesis on quantum neural networks. We proposed a quantum neural network architecture consisting of layers of qubits, which are connected by unitary operations. These networks can be optimized with training data pairs in the form of input and desired output states and, therefore, can be used for characterizing unknown quantum devices. My personal highlight of this work was that we were able to implement the algorithm on an actual quantum device. So we could use a quantum computers for machine learning with quantum data. Check out my publications for more details.

About me: I am from Hannover, Germany and moved to Sydney with my partner in 2022. I play the flute and the cello, I love photography and traveling, and my favorite sport is acrobatics. I am a passionate vegan and fight for climate justice.